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Nasal Rinsing, Nose Wash, Baby Nasal Aspirators, Sinus Irrigation Alternative & More

Believe it or not, sinus infections and even allergies can be avoided with products other than allergy pills, nasal steroids or antibiotics. Actually, many find that these oral medications are often covering up an underlying problem instead of addressing the cause and as a result they have to continue treatment. After an extensive board certified pediatrics career, Dr. Hana has performed ample research and testing to create a nose wash to permanently solve sinus problems. The Nasopure nose wash kits you see here as well as baby nasal aspirators are the result of that research and offer a safe and effective option for a more permanent sinus solution.

Nasopure Nasal Wash System Nasopure System Kit

8 oz Nasopure Bottle
20 Nasopure Buffered Salt Packets

Our Price: $20.00
Nasopure Sampler Sampler Kit

8 oz Nasopure Bottle
4 Nasopure Buffered Salt Packets

Our Price: $15.00
Nasopure Refill Kit Nasopure Refill Kit

40 Nasopure Buffered Salt Packets

Our Price: $19.00

Dr. Hana has found that maintaining nasal health is similar to dental health. By performing consistent nasal irrigation, keeping the sinus opening clean you can greatly avoid allergies and other sinus issues altogether. Our FDA registered Nasopure nose wash offers a healthy alternative to other nasal rinsing options that’s free of burning, twisting of the neck, drowning sensations, chocking and dripping water. The only nose wash of its kind currently available, our nasal irrigation system keeps your sinuses clean and working correctly. Our basic nasal rinsing kit will come with all the ingredients to mix your all natural saline buffered wash and a BPA free bottle that can come in a little squirt or adult size. We supply kits with larger quantities of all of these as a cost effective option for those with many family members or cost conscious people looking to save money. These kits are designed for kids and adults only and if you have a baby we recommend taking a look at our baby nasal aspirators instead. This nasal suction device for babies provides a comfortable and easy to use option for cleaning the tiniest nasal cavities.

Whatever has brought you here, allergies, asthma, sinus infections or something worse we encourage you to invest in a safe nose wash and stop the problem now. Join more than 300,000 Nasopurists and experience a clean breath of fresh air. Sniffles, headaches, sleep loss and all of the negative effects caused by sinus problems aren’t worth the pain and inconvenience they cause especially when they can be so easily avoided. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Dr. Hana’s personal experience or research we encourage you to take a look at our nasal and sinus information library or contact us at 877-853-7873.