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Refer your friends and family to Amazon to purchase our products for 20% off using your personal affiliate code that we will provide you with. At the end of each month, we will send you a check for a percentage of the sales your code generated. If your percentage is less than $10, we roll these sales over to the next month.


Tier 1: $1-$200 in monthly sales = 5.5%

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*Top tier influencer level requires you to have 30,000+ followers and post to your social media a minimum of once per month.

If you are an influencer, celeb or similar and would prefer complimentary product for your Nasopure support rather than an Affiliate Code, please let us know. We would love to work with you in one way or another!

To set up your affiliate program please visit our website Nasopure.com and sign up on the Affiliates page.

Our mission at BeWell Health is ‘First Do No Harm’ and we embody this every day. We believe in empowering the public through education to stop relying so heavily on medications and antibiotics. Our products are made in the USA, assembled by adults with disabilities and made with BPA & Drug Free recyclable materials. BeWell Health has been around since 2007 and we have been helping people breathe better ever since. Our kits are found in health food stores, pharmacies and online. We want to empower you through education and knowledge to keep your personal air filter clean in a polluted and toxic world. We breathe 10,000 liters of air every day so washing your nose just makes sense!

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure helps to manage and relieve symptoms associated with allergies, cold, flu, sinusitis, rhinitis and more! Our nasal wash is great for those who suffer from congestion, nasal dryness, sinus pressure, cough or any nasal issues. Unlike traditional neti pots, the Nasopure bottle is designed so that you don’t have to bend or twist and can wash your nose standing up straight in a neutral head and neck position. Since our bottles are squeezable you can have full control over the flow and pressure of water rather than relying on gravity like in other neti pots. Our buffered salt packets do not contain any additives, preservatives, or fragrances and reduce the irritation commonly felt in other salt mixes, which is how we got our nickname—The Most Comfortable Nose Wash In The World! We also offer the first nasal wash system designed by a pediatrician specifically for the comfort and usability of children ages two and up!


  • “I am a full-time touring musician who spends 80% of the year on the road. I never leave home without my Nasopure tucked into my toiletries bag. I’ve found that my best defense against allergies and asthma if a daily rinse with Nasopure.” - David Wax, The David Wax Museum Band
  • “Dr. Hana has grasped what so few have fully realized: the nose is a critical structure that greatly influences wellness and illness throughout the body.” - David S. Parsons, MD, FAAP, FACS

Happy Breathing!