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Nasal Irrigation for Children: Baby Aspirator, Nasal Suction for Babies, Nasal Wash & Alternative Neti Pot for Kids

Don’t underestimate the importance of sinus health for your babies and kids. After years in the pediatrics industry, Dr. Hana has seen children’s neglected nasal issues develop into more serious conditions such as ear and sinus infections too many times. The go-to option always seemed to be a neti pot for kids or other similar sinus flushes but since these flood the sinuses they often caused discomfort during and after use. Tired of seeing too many infections that could have been avoided; she decided she needed to create a safe & healthy nasal wash for kids. After ample research and testing, Nasopure was born, FDA registered and has been used for years by Dr. Hana’s children, patients and many more as an effective nasal irrigation method and preferable alternative to the neti pot for kids.

Nasopure Little Squirt Nasopure Little Squirt Kit

4 oz Nasopure Bottle
20 Nasopure Buffered Salt Packets

Our Price: $20.00
Nasopure Refill Kit Nasopure Refill Kit

40 Nasopure Buffered Salt Packets

Our Price: $19.00

During the vulnerable years when your baby and child’s bodies are undergoing their primary development you must remain more vigilant than ever and always make sure you research the healthiest methods for any type of health care. Since Dr. Hana has done most of the research for you we can assure you that any baby aspirator or child’s nasal wash you find here has passed every safety test. Our tried and true nasal wash is the only one of its kind available. It cleans your nasal opening to remove harmful debris as opposed to nasal rinses that overflow sinuses, causing a drowning, burning or choking feeling with a nose drip later on. The Little Squirt Kit for kids comes with the same ingredients to make your own fresh and all natural saline buffered wash as our other kits but provides a smaller bottle for a better fit with your little ones nose. For more information and instructions on using our kid’s nasal wash take a look at our articles covering cleaning 2-3 year olds nose, 4-6 year olds sinuses and 7-9 year old nasal cleanse.

The Nasopure nasal wash is a great option for kid’s noses but babies often need nasal suction to clean out their sinuses due to how small they still are. We highly recommend the baby aspirator offered here, the Dr. Hana's Nasopure BabyComfyNose, since it’s comfortable, easy to use and Dr. Hana has used it too many times to count herself. Dr. Hana's Nasopure BabyComfyNose kit will include one baby aspirator for nasal suction, the ingredients for a safe and effective saline buffered wash, filters and reusable travel container for moms on the go. Dr. Hana’s article on your baby’s nose is a great resource for more information regarding your baby’s sinus health. If you need a sinus solution for the whole family we suggest check out our nasal rinse family kits which provide a compact, cost effective way to purchase everything you need for the whole family.

We can’t emphasize you and your children’s sinus health enough. Not only is it uncomfortable and unpleasant for anyone with sinus issues, it can lead to more dangerous health problems if left untreated. A common misconception is that antibiotics are the first step but that should be the last. Start with a safe nasal wash and stop any problems before they even start. If you have any questions regarding your child’s sinuses we encourage you to contact us at 877-853-7873 or orders@nasopure.com