Nose Irrigation, Nasal Wash System & Alternative Sinus Wash Nasal Rinses for Families

Sinus problems are one of those health issues that can affect many other areas of your life other than just your nose. It contributes to sleep deprivation, inability to focus, headaches, sore throats, ear issues, general daily discomfort and if left untreated it can evolve into something deadly. You would be surprised what an impact your sinuses have on your life and happy to know that most of this pain can be completely avoided with a daily nasal wash system, often called a sinus wash. Dr. Hana spent years as a pediatrician watching adults and children alike suffer from sinus issues and after constantly covering up the issue with antibiotics for infections and antihistamines for allergies, she decided to go to the source of the problem. After extensive research and testing she created an FDA registered, safe and effective nasal wash system that has relieved her family and patient’s sinus pain for years now.

There have been different nasal rinses, sinus washes and neti pots introduced to regulate this same problem but Dr. Hana’s patients complained about the discomfort they caused. Most nasal rinse products flood the sinus cavities which leave the user feeling a burning, drowning, choking feeling and a nasal drip later on. The Nasopure Nasal Wash System cleans your nasal opening, removing allergens, viral and bacterial particles instead of flushing your cavities and is currently the only nasal wash system of its kind available. This provides a safe and healthy sinus solution that has proven to work time and time again and if used consistently, can work wonders as a preventative method that stops the problems before they even start. Every nose irrigation system here comes with the ingredients for your all natural alternative sinus wash solution, instructions for mixing and at least one BPA free bottle. Our family kits offer cost effective options for those looking to purchase larger amounts and keep the whole family healthy. You can purchase the regular size bottle and nasal saline wash ingredients in bulk or our family pack conveniently offers the little squirt sized bottle along with adult sized bottle for mom and dad. This can greatly help cut costs, packaging and space as opposed to purchasing separate kits or more saline solution every time you run out. For babies, sinus health is just as important but we recommend using a baby aspirator to administer the natural saline buffered wash as opposed to the Nasopure bottle. As an added bonus we offer free shipping with any purchase of $39.99+.

Dr. Hana is passionate about relieving sinus pain across the globe. Truly the nose expert, she has appeared on numerous shows, published many valuable articles in superior health magazines and does everything she can to spread the word about nose irrigation. In addition, she has an incredibly helpful library of articles about everything from the basics of washing the nose to more complex sinus health conditions and treatments. If you have any questions about our Nasopure nasal irrigation system we encourage you to contact us at 877-853-7873 and we’re happy to help.