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The Benefits of Nasal & Sinus Irrigation

Saline nasal washings have been used for centuries to maintain clear nasal passages. The process can be referred to as rinsing, irrigation, douching or lavage, but we like to call it what it is: nasal washing. Nasopure is today's ideal nasal wash.
The ultimate goal of nasal washing is to reduce medication use, and avoid the cost and side effects of these drugs. As a company, our goal is you help you feel better and breathe easier, naturally.

HIGHLIGHTS OF Dr Hana’s Nasopure Nasal Wash System

Nasopure Sampler Nasopure Sampler Kit
Our Price: $15.00
Nasopure Refill Kit Nasopure Refill Kit
Our Price: $19.00
Nasopure Nasal Wash System Nasopure System Kit
Our Price: $20.00