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Sinus congestion can be the cause of discomfort and often lead to bigger problems. The causes of congestion vary from allergies to asthma and viruses but Nasopure offers a treatment for them all. After years of experience practicing as a board certified pediatrician, Dr. Hana noticed too many health issues caused by nasal congestion and not enough solutions. It was obvious antibiotics and antihistamines only covered up the problem and the cure would need to start at the source. Unfortunately, the only products available were neti pots and nasal rinses that had left users feeling very uncomfortable during and after usage without as much relief as they would like. Fast forward years later and the now leading nose expert, Dr. Hana has created an all-natural patented nasal washing solution that’s FDA registered medical device. Try this safe and effective sinus treatment.

Whether the person enduring the sinus infection was a baby, child or adult Dr. Hana saw an inherent key flaw in all the leading neti pots and sinus rinses on the market. They all flooded the sinuses which left people complaining about a drowning or choking feeling that often left them with a nose drip afterwards. Instead, the Nasopure nasal irrigation system cleans your nasal opening without flooding sinus cavities for comfortable sinus relief. Even better, Dr. Hana discovered that the majority of sinus focused afflictions can be prevented with daily nasal washing. Similar to dental health, you wouldn’t brush your teeth after you have a cavity in order to get rid of it, you brush them daily and the same goes for your nose. We have seen time and time again what a difference daily nasal washing can make in your daily energy, sleep habits, allergies and general health.

Once she discovered the solution Dr. Hana wanted to help as many people as possible. Not only has she interviewed on many noteworthy T.V shows and radio programs, she has been published by credible health magazines like, Wall Street Journal, Naturopathy Digest, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Pregnancy and Newborn and many more. She’s also created a very valuable library of resources covering a wide variety of nasal health conditions and treatments. As for her revolutionary nasal wash, you can find Nasopure nasal cleanse products in many all natural stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts but Dr. Hana also wanted to have them available for people that couldn’t buy them in a nearby retail store. By offering her nasal irrigation kits online she can solve people’s sinus issues worldwide and free shipping for order with in the U.S. for $39.99+. Each nasal cleansing kit comes with a BPA free bottle that allows you to comfortably control the flow and pressure of your nasal irrigation, ingredients for an all-natural saline buffered wash and instructions for mixing it. There are smaller bottles with Nasopure nasal wash for kids, travels, athletes and all-natural baby nasal aspirators for infants. In the case of large families or those wanting to buy in bulk we offer nose irrigation kits for families as a time and cost effective option.

Hypertonic buffered solution, like that found in Nasopure is proven to remove 80% of allergens and in the type of pollutant heavy world we live in today, daily sinus irrigation is more important than ever. This nasal wash system is a proven method to naturally combat sinus issues and an effective alternative to neti pots and other potentially harmful nasal rinses. You deserve the relief Dr. Hana, her patients and 300,000 Nasopurists world wide experience daily and we encourage you free yourself from allergies with Nasopure too. If you have any questions about our Nasopure product and what is right for you please contact us at 877-853-7873 and we’re happy to help.

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