Washing the body’s external filter, the nose, can be easily incorporated into a hygiene routine. Many options are available today for those who are serious about regular nasal washing. When choosing a neti pot, consider these three major types of actual nose cleaners:

  • Gravity based systems, like the neti, allow the flow of fluid to drain into and out of the sinus and nasal cavities. There is no positive pressure. This comes with the disadvantage of less control of the fluid flow and, therefore, difficulty in flushing when congested. Another disadvantage is the need to bend and twist the neck.
  • A motorized device designed specifically for saline irrigation uses both positive-pressure and pulsatile irrigation. This can be effective but can also be expensive, and machines tend to be neither child friendly nor travel-ready.
  • Positive-pressure irrigation means that the buffered saline solution flush is powered by the user. This can be achieved by a syringe-type device or a squeeze bottle with a straw device that propels the solution against gravity. A third option can be a squeeze bottle device that washes along with gravity. Some systems offer the user control of flow and pressure.

Ensure that the neti pot you choose is comfortable for you to use. Some nasal rinsing systems encourage bending or twisting your neck. It can cause neck pain, dizziness or a lack of control. Children and older adults are among those most susceptible to problems with head positioning. Dr. Hana always instructs her patients to wash with a straight neutral neck position. When the solution flow follows the natural direction of airflow along the nasal floor, the feeling during washing is comfortable, with no choking or drowning sensation.

Take into consideration the neti pot material. The three major material types are ceramic, steel and plastic neti pots. We recommend using the plastic ones because they are not breakable, light and a great fit for people with different lifestyles. Moreover, softer plastics can be squeezed to control water pressure, giving you way more control over the nose washing process.

Finally, it is essential to find a neti pot that can be easily recycled. Recycling saves resources, prevents pollution, and supports public health. It also prevents the pollution and destruction that occurs when materials like trees and precious materials are extracted from the earth.

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