The Most Comfortable Saline I Have EVER Used!
I have been an advocate of nasal saline rinses for a couple decades now — for myself, for my patients, and for my own children. Our multi-disciplinary clinic at Nationwide Children’s helped manage hundreds of children with chronic rhino-sinusitis (here is just one of the publications on those children: Many of these children were seriously debilitated by their ailments; these included asthma, allergies, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, as well as immuno-deficiencies or infections with rare microorganisms. EVERY one of these children were prescribed nasal saline rinses as a key component of their treatment regimens. And the system that I recommend is Dr. Hana’s Nasopure. The Nasopure system comes in sizes that are convenient for adults and children. And in my own experience, the Nasopure saline mixture is the most comfortable saline I have used for nasal rinses – and I think that I have tried every commercially available mixture. Just as importantly, Dr. Hana’s website provides instructional videos that help parents manage nasal rinses with their children. The site is also a gold-mine of accurate health information for those with rhinitis and sinusitis. I also regularly recommend Dr. Hana’s book to my patients and families.

– Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD, FAAP

The Results Are Remarkable!
I regularly recommend Nasopure to my patients with allergies, asthma, recurrent sinus problems etc. The results are remarkable! I use it daily myself and find I have much less congestion.
– Dr. Jane Murray, The Satsun Center

Works Like Magic!
I have successfully used Nasopure to avoid getting sick traveling in airplanes. I carry the little 4 oz. filled bottle and rinse my nose every time I go to the bathroom – works like magic and also moisturizes the nasal passages with long oversea flights.
– Dr. Gabrielle Duebendorfer, ND, Aspen Wellspring

I Personally Use This Product!
My experience with Nasopure has been short of AMAZING! In Texas we have many allergens year round but from October through February they are severe. My protocol is to respond immediately with Nasopure. Cleaning the nasal passages fast with this easy to use wash has given very quick relief. I personally use this product! In December when I felt that first tingle in my nose I washed with Nasopure (using the entire bottle) and by the afternoon, the allergens that were attempting to take up residence in my body had fled. I recommend Nasopure in lieu of a Neti pot for many reasons but especially because of the ease of use! Each bottle comes with the small packets which keep the nose moist and does the trick. Thank you Dr. Hana for such an easy yet affective product to use.
– Dr. Jennifer Welch, N.D.

I Suffered From Sinus Congestion For Years Until I Found Nasopure!
I wish my personal story was exciting, I wish I could say that I suffered from sinus congestion for years until I found Nasopure but the truth is, I started using Nasopure so I could become comfortable recommending it to patients. I had heard from an esteemed colleague that Nasopure was one of the best ways to treat and prevent sinus infections. I have many people in my life who are afflicted with frequent sinus infections, so a Nasopure was purchased and I began experimenting. I found the system to be easy to use so I began recommending it. My fiancé’s first experience with it was for sinus congestion. He used the Nasopure in the shower for several days in a row before he felt completely better. After that experience he began using the Nasopure any time he had a stuffy nose, a runny nose, or was sneezing. He has not complained of sinus congestion since.
– Dr. Victoria Giunta, N.D.

For sure your Nasopure is superior than the other brands on the market — I am using it myself and it is great. My daughter and my wife both use it as well. I have several patients on Nasopure too. Thank you for your assistance and for this product, it does not even burn, it is much better. Thank you!
– Dr Al Maalouf

Just Start Using It!
I received a free bottle at a Naturopathic Conference in Phoenix last summer and just started using it. It cured my 2 week sinus infection after just 2 uses!
– Barbara, N.D.

My Patients Quickly Learn!
I have confidence when I recommend Nasopure for my patients. With all the ear, nose, and throat issues that children experience, I am certain that simply washing the nasal lining has great benefits without risk. My patients quickly learn the simple technique and I find that they use fewer medications and experience both fewer symptoms and fewer infections. Nasal washing has proven to be tolerable, safe, convenient and effective for my pediatric patients. Maintenance of nasal and sinus health with the modernized version of an ancient technique of nasal irrigation just makes sense!
– Marcella R. Bothwell, MD – Otolaryngology, Pediatric Otolaryngology, San Diego, California

Dr. Hana has done something quite unique with her product.
Our daughter Madelyn has been using the Nasopure system for almost a year. At the age of three she was facing her second sinus surgery. We have had much success and she has only had one round of antibiotics this year! I hope you know how much we appreciate you and Nasopure. We attribute Nasopure to saving Madelyn’s life. She had such severe infections that she began to lose her hair, drastically lost weight, and had multiple admissions for failure to thrive. One night in the hospital I was reading blogs on the Internet and came upon one about Nasopure. By the time that we found your product, Mady had been admitted to the hospital with a potassium level of 2.5. Needless to say, two years later, she is a happy and healthy fouryear- old. I feel like we need the Nasopure to keep her healthy. Thank you for saving our sweet girl!” Sara W, Chicago, Illinois Hypertonic nasal saline irrigation is something that I recommend quite often to my patients. People of all ages benefit from the decongesting, bacteriostatic action that hypertonic saline provides. Dr. Hana has done something quite unique with her product. Not only does she provide the ingredients and means to do the saline wash, she has clear, concise directions for how to effectively get the job done. This is especially an issue when dealing with children. Her written directions for different age groups and video of a four-year-old washing her nose so easily are fabulous resources for patients (and parents) to utilize.
– Laurie Fowler, MD – Fowler Allergy Clinic – Columbia, Missouri

Really Seems To Help!
I noticed after using Nasopure faithfully one spring, I didn’t have even one sinus infection. The previous spring I had been treated with three antibiotics! It really seems to help with upper respiratory infection control.
– Kathy I. Registered Nurse, Albuquerque – New Mexico

I Have Achieved Relief!
After four sinus surgeries and the constant sensation of stuffiness, I have achieved relief with Nasopure. I am able to walk on a golf course and breathe through my nose.
– Donald B, Doctor of Osteopathy – Muskegon, Michigan

So Comfortable!
As a pediatrician of many years, I’ve been a firm believer in nasal washing. I began using Nasopure years ago for my own nasal issues and found the system to be so comfortable and easy enough for my little patients.

I Strongly Recommend Nasopure!
I strongly recommend Nasopure by name to my patients who suffer from allergies, sinus, ear and asthma symptoms. Dr Hana’s Nasopure is the one i prefer for three reasons: 1. Nasopure’s website’s videos and instructions for even young children to get comfortable with the idea of washing their nose. 2. The simplicity and effective of the bottle design. 3. Nasopure is made in America and assembled by adults with disabilities. A company with a heart!
– Kristen Stuppy, MD, FAAP

I Have Tried Every Commercially Available Myself and I Recommend Dr. Hana’s Nasopure!
I have been an advocate of nasal saline washes for decades now — for myself, for my patients, and for my own children. As a pediatric integrative ENT, I care for children with chronic nose and sinus issues who are seriously debilitated by their ailments of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, as well as immuno-deficiencies or infections.
EVERY one of these children were prescribed nose washing as a key components. I have tried every commercially available myself and I recommend Dr. Hana’s Nasopure as the most comfortable nose wash for children and adults. Just as importantly, Dr. Hana’s website provides instructional videos that help parents manage nose washing with their children. The site is also a gold-mine of accurate health information for those with rhinitis and sinusitis. I regularly recommend Dr. Hana’s book, Author of Clearing The Air One Nose At A Time, an owners manual for the nose to my patients and families as empowering families with information helps everyone.
– Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD, FAAP, pediatric ENT, Nationwide Children’s Clinic

I’m A Firm Believer!
recently had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and using the Nasopure nasal wash. I’m a firm believer in the nasal wash products and I have to say this one is now my favorite!
– Connie King – Carolin Clinic

So Thankful!
I was scheduled to undergo sinus surgery due chronic sinus infections stemming from severe dust mite allergies. After using Nasopure three times daily for 2 weeks, my sinus infections resolved and I had the pleasure of canceling my surgical appointment! I am so thankful to have found a simple and effective method for treating such a common health complaint. Now, this is the first product I think of with patients for a variety of ENT issues. As a naturopathic doctor, I am proud to recommend the least invasive treatment means first, and save my patients the hassle of pills and surgery.
– Laura Neville – Naturopathic Doctor

The Bottle Is An Easy Delivery System!
Before Nasopure, I had undergone 4 sinus surgeries, I treated my ENT physicians’ office as if it had a revolving door, lived on antihistamines, Singulair, nasal steroids and took antibiotics like candy. Using Nasopure for the past three years, I have had no sinus infections. The bottle is an easy delivery system especially for anyone with cervical arthritis. Nasopure has become part of my daily routine and I highly recommend this fantastic product for anyone.
– Dr Donald Brown, M.D.

I have Begun Recommending It!
I have been doing the Nasopure nasal washing faithfully and it has made a big difference in my asthma and allergies. I have begun recommending it to my patients.
– Shayna Fasken, D.C.

Very Helpful!
Nasopure has been very helpful. The wash has allowed us to wean our child off the steroid nose drops. Our Pediatric ENT has has had a dozen cases this year and our son is the only one who has yet to have the surgery.
– Dr Sandford Jacoby

I Totally Love It!
I had several positive feedback from my colleagues and one of the nurses totally loved Nasopure and says that it does not burn. I tried Nasopure and I totally love it. It’s easy use and truly does not have that burning sensation. I put a Nasopure sample on every doctor and nurse practitioner’s desk with the pamphlet so tomorrow morning when they come in they’ll see it.
– Dr. Albert Maalouf

Living In New York City!
I have been using Nasopure for over 3 years now, and even travel with this product! It is part of my ”stay healthy” arsenal that keeps me confident that I am one step ahead of all the germs and bacteria lurking in a hotel room—a conference room—a lecture hall, etc. And, Nasopure offers further protection from any “bug” I may pick up from all the sick people who come to me for private sessions.

Living in New York City presents other daily health hazards—like battling the masses whether on the streets or riding the subways! Nasopure is a ritual for my family in the morning when we get up—and in the evening when we arrive home after a subway journey. In addition, my husband is a professional guitarist who plays for Sesame Street and Broadway. With all the Electro-smog, and subsequent dust in his work environments, the Nasopure is never far from his reach! His ritual includes a morning Nasopure rinse—with another Nasopure waiting for him when he arrives home from a musical gig. As the song goes: “It’s a Family Affair…”

I highly recommend Nasopure to all my family, friends, professional clients—and even to construction workers that come to work in our NYC Apartment. When I lecture to larger groups, Nasopure is front and center on My Table of Love, where I disseminate healthy products that are pertinent to the lesson I am teaching in my PowerPoint Presentation. In fact, over the years, Nasopure has become a staple on the Table of Love as I include its praises in all my lectures and seminars.

Through my health ministry, Holistic Health Information Movement, my goal is to make Nasopure part of everyone’s health protection cache!
– Dr. Diane Gioia-Bargonetti, ND