I Highly Recommend!
I love Nasopure and recommend it to anyone who talks to me about sinus care. If it is a family and I do not think they will get around to ordering, I get it for them. It is so much easier to use than anything else I have found.
– Donna

So Convenient
The salt packets are so convenient and not as harsh as sea salt.
I recommend this system to people of all ages.
– Lindy M

I Truly Love It
From my first usage I have been hooked. I soon bought the big bottle and some refills and have since purchased bottles for most of my family. I truly love it and do think it has helped keep me healthy as well as cut down on my bloody noses
– Sarah M

Never Felt Better
I also have to tell you – I use a Nasopure almost every morning, and I’ve never felt better
– Katie D.

Helps Alleviate Symptoms!
My daughter has frequent coughs, non allergic rhinitis, and enlarged adenoids. Nasopure really helps alleviate her symptoms!
– Zora

I Believe in This Product
I am very grateful for this product because it helps alleviate her symptoms significantly. I can’t believe the amount of mucus that comes out of her. We laugh and say how thankful we are that the mucus is draining out of her and not into her lungs. I believe in the product so much that I’ve bought several for my family.
– Zoraima

My Health Strategy
With two kids, lots of gym time and a fair amount of travel, I have to have a strategy for avoiding colds and other bugs. I’ve used Nasopure for several years, and since starting it, I don’t have allergy symptoms, I rarely catch a cold, and when I do have a bug, it’s short-lived and mild.
– Matt Kitze

Simple and Sanitary
Nasopure seems less confusing to use than the Neti and much more sanitary. I have bad allergies and use Nasopure as needed. I would definitely recommend Nasopure over the Neti.
– Heather Zimmerman – Denver, CO

I Can Feel the Difference!
Nasopure is so much better and easier to use than my old ceramic neti and I can feel that what it does is different. It really does feel like a wash. I have started feeling well enough that I have started taking yoga again — and in the days of using the old neti, it was quite common to have neti solution come out of my nose when in downward dog, but I have not found that with your system.
– Sally Duros

My Husband Tried Nasopure–He is Now a Believer!
Just a note on my personal experience…
I took one of the samples you brought us home to my husband. He was totally disgusted with the thought of using it. But he came down with a really bad head cold and nothing else was working.
So he tried the Nasopure. Now he is a believer! He is a retired Veteran and has to go to the VA to see his doctors. They prescribed him the neti pot system (with the regular “straight” bottle….vs the Naspure with the “bent” applicator). He did try the neti pot to see what the difference would be…and ended up throwing away that bottle/applicator.He now tells people / friends that they have to try the Nasopure. You definitely have “sold” him on the Nasopure.
Good luck!
– Tannis

Best Invention Ever
My parents love Nasopure. They received theirs for Christmas. Mom says ‘It is the best thing ever invented.’
– Michelle – Homecare Specialist – North Carolina

This Totally Changed My Life
I have been amazed at the outcome of the Nasopure nasal wash. I have year-round allergies, which means I spent more time sick than well. Since using the saline solution flushes I have not had any sinusitis for close to ten years. Before the surgery, I had sinusitis continually for five months and no amount of antibiotic could get rid of it. This totally changed my life.
– Al B – Kansas City, KS

A Great Alternative to Medicine
I really like my Nasopure bottle and use it routinely – especially now, in allergy and cold season. It is so much easier to use than a neti pot. I use mine in the shower, so much quicker and no mess! I am purchasing Nasopure kits for Christmas gifts. My hat goes off to Dr. Hana for a great alternative to medicine. The salt packets are so convenient and not as harsh as sea salt. I recommend this system to people of all ages.
– Lindy

It Feels Amazing
Nasopure felt amazing at first because I forgot what it was like to breathe through my nose. I now have less congestion and it prevents chest colds from starting.
– David C. – College student in Texas

So Effective, It Can’t be Beaten
I’ve been using Nasopure now for about two years, and it has completely changed my life. I used to have nasal congestion and sinus headaches from April through late August due to seasonal allergies, and required regular use of over the counter decongestants and antihistamines just to function. This past summer I took just two antihistamines (when I was mowing several acres of lawn) and maybe five or six doses of decongestant. I also am one of those people for whom colds seem to linger on for weeks to months. Since I’ve been using Nasopure, though, I generally have only one bad day from a cold, and then three or four days of minor congestion, after which I’m back to normal. This product really can’t be beaten for its effectiveness and ease of use. Thank you Dr. Hana for this wonderful device!
– Art S. – St. Louis, Missouri

No Longer plagued by Nasal and Allergy Issues!
When I first came in touch with Dr. Hana’s Nasopure system, I had such significant nasal and allergy issues that I had almost given up hope of a life free of daily medications and yearly antibiotics from chronic sinus infections. Within a matter of months of using the rinse twice daily, I was able to both give up my daily antihistamine and decongestant routine, as well as happily discontinue my presence at the doctor’s office for sinus infections. It is hard for me to find the adequate words to describe my gratitude, appreciation and admiration for Dr. Hana and her no-nonsense, straightforward approach to relieving chronic nasal issues, which had plagued me almost daily for over twenty-five years.
– Grady Pope – Cambria, California

My Positive Experience
My experience with Nasopure has been nothing but positive. I breathe much better and do not need to use nasal sprays half as much.
– Rosanne B – Springfield, Massachusetts

No More Snoring
Dr. Hana talked with me about the benefits of nose washing and helping me with my snoring. I tried nose washing and it works! My wife says, ‘I don’t hear your snoring any more, what have you done?’ I told her about the addition to my daily hygiene routine. She was as amazed as I was. I can breathe easier. I think of washing my nose as similar to brushing my teeth.
– Michael S. Smith, PhD, Professor of Teacher Education, Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, Missouri

Helps My Child with Cystic Fibrosis
My child has Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic condition which predisposes him to chronic sinus issues requiring several courses of antibiotics each year. He has had several sinus surgeries. We began Nasopure nasal washing after surgery. Both his ENT and our entire family has been thrilled at the results. He has not had a sinus infection or plain head cold in a very long time. It is an easy thing to add to his preventative routine to stay healthy. He does the wash twice a day everyday, and if needed up to 4 times per day when he has extra mucus. We love Dr Hana’s Nasopure because it is natural and reduces the number of medicines my child must take.
– Mellisa

All My Children Benefit From Nasopure
The number one thing is Matthew was on daily Zyrtec from age six months until he was 3 and that is when he started to Nasopure. Now, he still uses Nasopure in the shower daily and he is 12. The fact that he only needs meds every now and then (if his allergens are high) is awesome. Rachel started cleaning her nose a little before she was 3 and is now 10. She does it on an as need basis because she doesn’t have allergies like Matthew. Allie is 7 and has been doing it a couple years and our youngest Caroline is 2 1/2 and was asking to do it so I have helped her do it and she does great.
– Jennifer Griffith

I’m Able to Sleep with My Mouth Closed!
I have used Nasopure twice – just before bed last night and this morning. I was able to sleep with my mouth closed and without having to use a nasal spray. Who knew such a small thing could make me feel so happy?
– Toni Howard

No More Nosebleeds
I am 61 years old and over the years have dealt with more than my share of nosebleeds. I didn’t know the cause, but learned various first aid methods to stop the bleeding. The nosebleeds continued with increasing frequency. In early 2011, I reached the point having 2 to 3 of them per week , which led me to mention them at a regular checkup with my primary care doctor. He referred me to an ENT specialist, who examined my nasal passages, couldn’t find any obvious cause, but noticed a slight sinus infection which might be obscuring a small tumor. I was referred for an MRI at the hospital to rule out the possibility of a tumor. The ENT’s office called to inform me that the test result was negative, told me the doctor had called in a prescription for a wide-spectrum antibiotic to clear up the sinus infection, and scheduled a follow-up appointment. At the follow-up the ENT did a nose cauterization on two veins that were suspected of being the cause. The procedure was unpleasant, but I thought: At last! My annoying nosebleeds are gone! Unfortunately, they continued.
I reported this to the doctor, who asked if I had ever used a neti pot, to which I answered No. I went to the pharmacy in search of a neti pot and saw Nasopure kits on display. I took one home, started using it regularly, and have had zero nosebleeds since. I now know that the saline solution helps thin mucus in the nasal passages. My simple understanding is that the bleeding was an issue of dry nasal passages.
Unhappily, another problem followed the happy ending described above. In March, 2011, due to the strong antibiotic taken before the MRI, I experienced a severe case of diarrhea. Based on lab results, Dr. Chapman diagnosed a C. diff. bacterial infection, which was treated with more antibiotics. Since then, I have had recurring (about one per year) bouts of C. diff., which is easy to self-diagnose by its distinctive odor. I have read that about one-third of C. diff. infections are recurring. I am now on a regimen of probiotic and homeopathic remedies to minimize the frequency of recurrences.
That first Nasopure kit cost something like $12. Compare that to the cost of 2 office visits to a specialist, an MRI, a nose cauterization procedure, and a (lifelong?) recurring C. diff. infection. How different the story would be if in the beginning I had given Nasopure a try!
Thanks again for a great product. I’ve ordered your book and look forward to learning more about caring for my nose.
– Randy Hodill

Cannot Imagine Not Doing It!
I use my Nasopure bottle every morning!…for 3 years now. It is right there with brushing my teeth. Cannot imagine not doing it!
So glad I found out about Nasopure!
– Susan

Healthy Living Approach
I personally think using Nasopure every day is why I rarely have a cold and, when I do, why they are so mild and short-lived. I think it’s a good part of healthy-living approach.
– Matt Kitze, Attorney @ Armstrong Teasdale

Goodbye Bronchial Spasms!
Nasopure is really helping my five year old who suffers from cough variant asthma. It is helping keep the bronchial spasms away!!
– Mandy Robinson

Consistency is Key
Last winter was the first winter I did not get a cold but had used Nasopure for a year and half. Doesn’t work over night. Consistency is key.
– Susan

Little Curve—Huge Difference!
I love the shape of the bottle. I never dreamed that that little curve could make such a difference.
– Suzanne J.

A Beautiful Product
Your Nasopure products do that: Create BEAUTY.
So, you see, every time I use your Nasopure bottle, it’s not just what your product does, (Cleanse nasal passages), it’s the BEAUTY that it continues to imbue…every day!
And I bet you it’s the same for anyone else using your products, although they usually aren’t aware of this fact.
Now that’s a totally different way of looking at this, coming from one of your million customers.
Soooooo, have your worldwide sales hit the 10 million mark yet? (They need to, because this planet needs your amazingly beautiful products).
Paul Maxwell Godfrey

I Can Finally Breathe Again!
I feel so much better after using Nasopure. I feel like I can finally breathe again! Any time I start to feel sick I use it, and it always seems to shorten my illness and help me start to feel better faster.
– Jason Huddleston

An Original Nasopurist
I was one of the originals, used all the time as a kid and now my nose is better than everyone’s despite it being a little on the bigger side, but that’s genetics.
– Eemaun Latifi

My Nose is Clean on a Daily Basis
Being a hairstylist I come in contact with all kinds of chemicals, hair, products, and people. Nasopure keeps my nose cleaned out on a daily basis. I also exercise every day and feel that I can breathe so much better during my workouts! I have not had any sinus issues in years!
– Sarah Nelson

Waa-lah! Clear Breathable Nose
Finals week is always the worst, but what makes it 10x worse, not only for you, but the people around you is when you have a stuffy nose. It’s so annoying to have someone during an exam constantly blowing their nose and sniffing. I tried this amazing stuff one night and was clear the next mooring. Every time I felt the snuffles coming, I would just use this stuff and waa-lah clear breathable nose! Love this stuff!
– Sarah Frances

Works Every Time
Between research, internship, and class, I have no time to get sick! Also, being a graduate student requires me to work under a budget. At the first indication of a cold, I use Nasopure to get my sinuses back on track! Works every time! Not only am I staying healthy for school, Nasopure is incredibly cost effective and easy to use.
– Stephanie Rovig

Breathing Easier Near Pollen
Spring is the worst time for my allergy problems. Nasopure has made breathing easier when all the pollens hit.
– Michael Wood

No Need for Pills or Shots
I have been taking pills and shots for about forty years. I was always just worn out. The quality of life was not here for me. I was afraid to take trips, even one hour trips as at times I thought I was going to pass out. I found Nasopure by complete accident and I never found such rapid results. I have been using Nasopure for six months now and I cannot believe the difference. No need for pills, shots. I feel so good I can go anywhere I please and drive for hours without worry.
– Thomas Hughes

It Really Helps Me
I was just diagnosed with COPD I have been using Nasopure for about three years now. It really helps me. Its really nice that its so easy to use.
– Kathy Miller Murray

Great for Students
In undergrad and high school, I only used Nasopure when I was feeling sick and it always made me feel better in a day or two. But when I started chiropractic college, I started to get sick more regularly due to the stressful days and lack of sleep. I now use Nasopure everyday and avoid all the illnesses that my classmates pass around to each other! It’s great!
– Tillie Bill

Nasopure To The Rescue!
It’s been Nasopure to the rescue now that it’s getting cooler and the air is drier. My nose would be terribly stuffy. I had a horrible nosebleed earlier this year (had to go to the ER) and Nasopure has helped me keep my nasal passages clear and healthy. Thank you so much!!
– Georgina Coder

Breathing Well Year-Round!
I usually get congested in the fall/springtime and I like to use Nasopure to clear out my nose. With Nasopure, I’m happy to be able to breathe well year-round.
– Jacob Ford

Beating Flu Like Symptoms
I love Nasopure! I try to use it almost every day and I feel like it has helped me tremendously. I started to feel like I had flu like symptoms so I used Nasopure and I feel a lot better! I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
– Paige DeBoer

The Real Key Is…
I tried Nasopure as you told me and it worked! The real key to it is holding it the right way. My nose feels so much better 🙂
– Angie

100% satisfaction
I’ve been continuing to sing Nasopure’s praises and will continue to do so. I also wanted you to know, you have 100% satisfaction with everyone who has joined the ranks of sinus purists. Thanks again for your wonderful products.
– Margery Cohen Willard

Relief After First Use!
After I used Nasopure, I felt a relief after the first time I used it! I have been using it daily every night before I go to bed. It’s a God-send. and I love it! It’s the best thing I ever purchased for personal use. It has helped me a great deal. I am so glad I came to watch your lecture because it is what I needed. Also, the price was right. My cough and the dryness had disappeared within a few days. Of course I tell everyone about Nasopure.
– Trude Gebin

It’s Refreshing
Recently my wife was turned on to your Nasopure product from a local co-op. I must say it is refreshing to have a product that helps battle all of our allergy issues and is so pure. We live in the high mountain desert near Lake Tahoe.
– Scott Short

Completely Changed My World
After years of struggle with sinus congestion, infection and allergies, I was introduced to the neti pot. I was aware of how much better my respiratory system functioned when I used it: yet it never took priority. NOW since I have been using the Nasopure system, it has completely changed my world… I can enjoy fresh air coming through the windows during my two favorite season (and the worst for allergies).
Thank you Dr. Hana for such a wonderful discovery.
This system is so easy and convenient ~ no more excuses.
– Charly

Continues to work wonders
Just a little note to say a big THANK YOU for my Nasopure. I love it and use it every morning. It’s really helped me with my sinus problems and continues to work wonders with my breathing.
– Russell Story

Cut Down on Bloody Noses
From my first usage I have been hooked. I soon bought the big bottle and some refills and have since purchased bottles for most of my family. I truly love it and do think it has helped keep me healthy as well as cut down on my bloody noses. I loved it so much before my move to Oklahoma I tried to join the Nasopure team. Thanks for being there for me!
– Sarah Moore

I breathe much better!
I have used the Nasopure every day and I breathe much better! Thank you!! However, my allergy season (which is coming up) will be the real “test”. Truthfully, I’m a little anxious about it. But, I plan to not be without my Nasopure! I have told other friends and family about Nasopure, and have recommended your book to them too. God bless you and thank you again so much!
– Lisa F.

Deviated Septum — 100% clog-free
I had septum deviation surgery last year, and that helped me tremendously, but I’m still allergic to dust and my nose still clogs up at night, just not as much as before surgery. Nasopure really helps, I’m almost 100% clog-free. I’m using it twice a day (morning and night) and that seems to do the job. I really can’t thank you enough! Take Care!
– Shannon G.

Results and Relief
I don’t usually write this type of letter, but, I am so excited about the results and relief I have received by using Nasopure that I had to share my story. I usually have two sinus infections per yer which require antibiotics. Also, I have suffered from terrible sinus headaches every time the wind blows heavily (not a good thing in Kansas!) for a number of years. I have been using Nasopure daily for the last two months and have avoided my spring sinus infection. Also, I have not had a SINGLE HEADACHE!!!!! My energy level has increased. I am walking three miles outdoors daily. I have a better mental attitude. I feel great! You have given my life back to me. I tell everyone about your product and how helpful it has been to me. Thank you and bless you!
– Stephanie M.

Delightful Drainage Surprise
Much to my delightful surprise, after using Nasopure, my nose was draining and for the first time, I could actually blow my nose in the morning. This is a slow process but with your guidance and products, I can now breath much better.
– Kameron

Magical Product for Allergies
From the moment I first began using Nasopure, the results were incredible! I’ve been plagued with debilitating sinus pressure, environmental sensitivities, etc. for years and am so grateful that my practitioner encouraged me to try your amazing product. Thanks again for this magical product!
– Margery Cohen

A Healthy Family Affair
I just wanted to let you know how much I love Nasopure already, even after just two days of using it! My two oldest sons, ages 2 and 4, both have their own bottle, and though they are currently just using it to squirt themselves with water in the tub, my 4 year old has successfully done it for just a brief second. I am confident that they will be pros in no time at all (I will send pics and videos when that time comes!). I told my mom about Nasopure, and now she would like to order the Nasopure System Kit. Thanks so much!
– Jennifer Kosydar

Eliminating Mucous, Rawness, & Nose Bleeds
Nasopure is making a huge difference in my life. In addition to eliminating the problem of constant thick mucous in my nose, it has nearly eliminated the rawness in the mucous membrane of my nose that would create nose bleeds in dry winter weather and indoor heat.
– Ellen W.

No Need for Antibiotics
Using Nasopure 1-2 times per day seems to really help. Thank goodness I don’t need antibiotics.
– Ruth

Beating Chronic Sinusitis
I am a daily rinser and since doing so, have pretty much beaten chronic sinusitis meaning I have not gotten sick or had to take antibiotics this year. When I got sick in the past, it would often go to my chest and I would be miserable for two to three weeks. So, thanks. I prefer the design of your Nasopure bottle and the sale price prompted me to buy more.
– Larry C.

My focus on health, not illness!
I have been using Nasopure for the last couple of years. I used to take allergy meds (nasal sprays which led to terrible nosebleeds) and when I didn’t take them, I would end up with at least one horrible sinus infection each year. Now, I use Nasopure two times per day (or more often if I encounter allergens). When I feel a cold coming on I switch to the hypertonic dose and the cold is usually short-lived. I haven’t had a sinus infection since I began nasal washing! Yea! I really appreciate being able to live with my focus on health, not illness!
– Deborah Weltman

Natural Product with So Many Benefits
I just wanted to say thanks to Dr Hana for developing such an easy and affordable natural product with so many benefits. This has helped me so much.
– Evan B

Excellent Resource!
First of all, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website and philosophy! I found you through Dr. Faust’s site. Raising my three boys, two of whom have food/environmental allergies, I prefer to treat naturally as much as possible to avoid long-term and short-term side effects/behavioral effects. Thanks so much for your time and for providing this excellent resource!
– Jennifer K

Diminished Allergies and Asthma
I LOVE NASAL RINSING with this Nasopure system. It has really improved my health. I have heavy allergies and asthma, but both have diminished. I try to rinse everyday and miss it when I don’t have time.
– Kathie

I had a positive test for an antibiotic resistant staphylococcus deep in the nasal passages a couple of months ago. I’ve used Dr Hana’s Nasopure with a hypertonic saline solution for 6 weeks, flushing between 3-5 times per day, and also added a probiotic to the nasal passages for 2 weeks at the end of the 6 weeks. I then stopped all treatment for 1 week and a follow up nasal culture was obtained. The culture was negative for the Staph, which means that Nasopure was effective at eradicating an antibiotic resistant staph biofilm from my sinuses.
– Bruce S

Unique and Simple to Use!
The first thing I noticed after using Nasopure was that I could smell so well. My son (Age 4) used it without any trouble and actually enjoyed it. Eventually, our doctor suggested we stop our conventional allergy therapy of using prescription medications. The only issue we had with the teapot style neti was the way we needed to tilt our necks in order to fully flush our nasal passages. It was also a bit large for my son’s little hands to hold. Thank goodness we found Nasopure!! The Nasopure bottle is so unique and simple to use!! I have been hearing so much buzz about Nasopure and how it is helping so many folks!
– Shannon

Avoiding Surgery
Nasopure has helped my nose a lot. The allergist, as well as the ear doctor, wanted me to have a surgery in my nose, because I had trouble breathing and I use to feel a click in my ear. I was scared, so I started using your product, and I am so happy with the result.
– Miriam

Thank YOU
I learned about Nasopure through Dr. Young on his “pH Miracle Living” website. Thank you for all the hard work and extensive research that has gone into your products. In the spirit of cleaning the air one nose at a time.
– Andreini

Feeling Much Better
I continue to use Nasopure 3 times a day or more if I feel congested. I still experience ear ringing, popping and a small amount of dizziness when I move my head quickly but I am feeling much better, my dizziness is greatly improved. It was good to hear that it was possible to kick this without medication. I have always ended up on antibiotics and did not know that it was even possible to manage this without, which made it really hard when I was feeling so bad not to listen to those around me telling me that I would not get rid of this without antibiotics. Thank you for your help.
– Pamela

Naturally Breathing Free
Dear Dr. Hana,
I have been using the hypertonic Nasopure wash twice a day for almost a month now — and am so happy to say that it is WONDERFUL! I don’t have allergies, but had swollen passages — and too many colds. Now I can breathe free – and discontinued using the sprays I was trying to use to stay well. Our air pollution is in the ‘hazardous’ range today, and I will stay inside — but I’m also losing my fear of going out when it’s not good air — because I know I can wash out anything that I breathe in. I can’t thank you enough!
– Sue

FUN for My Son and I
Hi, Dr. Hana! Just wanted to let you know that Joey (my son) actually thinks the ”nose rinses” are FUN – I always knew he was a strange kid, takes after his mom. Never in my wildest dreams, did I think that motherhood meant doing daily sinus irrigations (yes, I’m doing them alongside him).
– Angela Johnston

Breathing Better in Switzerland
My naturopath Doctor told me about Nasopure. I bought one for myself and my husband in her office. It has saved me this summer! My allergies are better and I can finally breath better. My husband is much better too. We live in Switzerland and I also bought a small Nasopure to take on the long flight back. I think it will help with all the germs in the air on the plane. Thank you!
– Janie