No one would dispute the miracles of modern medicine, with the advancement of antibiotics and minimally invasive surgery.

Overuse and abuse of antibiotics are known to encourage bacterial resistance and the development of “superbugs” which are not as affected by medications.
Data supports American doctors write for antibiotics as a first-line too often; some studies suggest 80% too often. To make matters worse, our food chain has become contaminated with both antibiotics and hormones. We Americans need to clean things up.

Children experience many more nasal issues and, all too often, the destructive cycle of snotty, doctor visit, antibiotic, better, return, and repeat. Some children become antibiotic dependent. During Dr. Hana’s clinical practice, she maintained the position that if something is dirty, the first step is to clean it. If there is a wound to the knee – clean it! If there is a dirty nose­ – wash it! If the diet consists of real, nutritious fresh foods, most of the time, this allows the body to heal itself.

Not all sinus, ear, or respi­ratory infection requires antibiotic treatment; in fact, the majority do not. With a little bit of patience and education, the body will often heal itself with nasal cleansing. Nasal irrigation will help to wash and clean the filter, removing debris, infectious particles, and allergens.
Twenty percent of all antibiotics prescribed in the USA are for adults with sinusitis. Approximately 80 percent of sinus infection diagnosis will be treated with an antibiotic.

Ironically, studies support that 80 percent of these infections will resolve naturally by simply using nasal rinsing with a buffered hypertonic saline solution.

In the last few decades, many quality-controlled trials have shown beneficial results in the improvement and alleviation of nasal symptoms with nasal saline irrigation. A highly buffered hypertonic salt mix is the most effective. Comfort in the delivery system is key to compliance, according to Dr. Hana. Washing the nose just makes sense, ­save the antibiotics for when they are really needed. If it is dirty, wash it first.

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