Wet cares about more than just your nose, sinuses, ears and your respiratory track. We also care about our environment and doing what is right!

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure® “the Blue Bottle Nose Wash” is Green!

We strives to recycle everything, every day in every way. We print on both sides of all internal office documents. We shred all paper products to use as package filler. We recycle and reuse all cardboard boxes, cans, plastics, and all printing cartridges. If you receive a package from us, don’t be surprised if you receive recycled material. Our Nasopure bottle is made of a safe, LDPE recyclable #4 plastic, is free of leeching or no PVC. Of Course, it is BPA Free as well!

Our Nasopure kits are assembled at our local sheltered workshop for disabled adults!

We are very proud of the care and the attention the employees place in our products.

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Happy breathing,
The Nasopure Team