It is no surprise that with the assault of toxins, including pollution, chemicals, infectious particles and many more irritants, our nostrils are under enormous stress. Add allergens during this season and we are experiencing ‘toxic overload’.

Allergies affect 1 in 6 Americans and disrupt every breathe we take. Inability to breathe through a clean nose will affect change in appetite, restorative sleep, voice, and especially obvious in children, limited school performance, poor mood, decreased physical energy and more.

So, what can anyone do to avoid toxic overload? Use common sense. I suggest if there are nasal issues, then wash the tissues! Washing your nose, your personal filter, is as sensible as cleaning any machine filter – the machine functions at optimal performance when it is clean. Ten thousand liters of air pass through the nose each day. For over three decades, I have witnessed those who wash regularly are healthier overall, fewer complaints, fewer medications and breathing easier. The simple technique of nasal lavage is easy enough for a 2-year-old and is effective at all ages. Oh, and the money you can save!

The verdict is in – science agrees nasal washing is safe, effective prevents many issues. A recent international respiratory journal recommended all physicians include nasal washing when addressing allergies, cold and Flu.

A pediatric study supports the use of nasal irrigation with hypertonic saline as a preventative approach to ear infections. Additional studies show that children using nasal irrigation prevent their allergy symptoms, reduce their use of medication, and ultimately, the number of secondary bacterial infections they experience. In a study involving documented sinus infections, the group that washed and avoided antibiotics healed the infections 80% of the time! Yet, doctors write forty million prescriptions each year for sinus infections! Eighty percent of bacterial infections with resolve with nasal irrigation. Eat real food and keep your nose clean!
Breathe Happy!

September 2019
Hana R. Solomon, M.D.

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