Snot out!
Nasopure keeps me from getting sick more often and snot out of your nose!

– Rachel, Age 4

In Sports!
In sports Nasopure helps me breathe better and perform on a higher level!
– Matthew, Age 6

Working to clean!
My 2 year old has been using Nasopure to help relieve congestion. It has been working to clean a lot of the stuff out when he gets colds.
– Jenn Graydon

He asks to do extra Nasopure!
We have made it a year and a half without a hospital stay. Anytime my kid is stopped up he asks to do extra Nasopure before I can even ask. They still use him as the example story at his Cystic Fibrosis clinic.
– MeLissa Gillis

Excited children!
My children are really excited about using nasopure, and they ask to use it at night!
– Letitia

Using it every day!
I heard about Nasopure from some friends of mine. They’re using it every day for their children and are very satisfied.
– Gennady

Perfect for my Five-Year Old!
I read about Nasopure in Parents Magazine. It sounded like the perfect thing for my five-year-old son who has been having a really rough time with his runny nose due to allergies. After about four to five days I noticed that his nose was much more clear! I would and will definitely recommend this!
– Jessica C – Napoleon, OH