Best Choice Hands-Down!
Dr Hana, I have to tell you I only started using your product a few months ago and I LOVE it! It is absolutely the best choice hands-down!
– Heidi Overturf – Dawson’s Market

Convinient and Easy to Use
I’ve used other neti pots in the past and Nasopure is the most convenient and easiest to use. I would recommend Nasopure for other stores. It has a good price point and fits nicely on the shelf.
– Kathy Freyhof – Supplement Buyer – Washington, DC

Preventing Future Infections
Recently replaced my 2 neti pots (now collecting dust) with Nasopure.
I find Nasopure to be more convenient and user friendly. I am a sinus sufferer and now use Nasopure daily in the shower to prevent future infections.
– Pete Kostas – Whole Body Team Leader – Woodmere, OH

Great From Day One!
I would absolutely recommend Nasopure for any Whole Foods stores that are open to carrying it. The feedback from our team and customers has been extremely positive. The people at Nasopure have been great to work with from day one! Personally, I think it has helped me with my allergies and I am still trying to convince my husband and daughter to try it.
– Joan Benson – Body Care Buyer – Overland Park, KS

Goodbye Sinus Infections and Allergy Attacks
My 17 year old daughter is using Nasopure religiously. She hasn’t had a single sinus infection this year and I attribute that to Nasopure. I like using Nasopure in the shower myself. It helps with my allergy attacks by opening everything up so I can breathe. I have also noticed that it helps to relieve a lot of the pressure in my ears.
– Teresa – Health & Beauty Buyer – Albuquerque, NM

Here’s to Pressure Control!
My husband loves it! Here’s to clean sinus cavities and the ability to apply a little or a lot of pressure! I actually have people asking for them!
– Beth Jewell – Assistant Team Leader – Glen Allen, VA

Helps Clear Me Up
I originally started using Nasopure when I got a cold and it helped clear me up. I like how you can mix up the Nasopure solution in the bottle and use it throughout the week. It’s easy enough that I even got my husband to start using it!
– Lyndsay Mueller – Colorado Springs, CO

Better Convenience
I find that the Nasopure squeeze bottle and the pre-measured packets offer better convenience for me and my customers.
– Cathy Aimsworth – Highlands Ranch, CO

Easy to use!
I have tried Nasopure and I think it is great! Way easier to use than the neti-pot.
– Kelsey – Edens – Maui, HI

Goodbye Traditional Neti
I switched from the traditional neti design to the Nasopure bottle because I found it to be more convenient and the pressure was more effective. I chose Nasopure because it was the best option and offered the safest plastic.
– April Pickell

What a difference!
Good Morning,
I recently ordered and received your Nasopure System. I want to let you know what a difference your Nasopure bottle configuration has made for me. I have chronic sinusitis with sinus surgery last October without good results. I have been using a competitors sinus bottle and system religiously (minimum of twice daily-using 32 ounces of distilled water and 4 packets of buffered saline). After finding and reading your FAQ page online I started following Dr Hana’s instructions using a hypertonic formulation and decreasing the amount of distilled water. What a tremendous difference the hypertonic saline alone made. Within 3 days I could feel the change in nasal congestion in my ethmoid/sphenoid sinuses. I then ordered your Nasopure system as I felt you were exactly right about the way the other vendors rinse bottles didn’t properly cleanse and rinse the right area. Since using your bottle what a difference! I can tell it’s cleansing a totally different area in my sinuses! I have an appointment with my ENT next week and intend to bring the information about Nasopure to her.
– Nancy