Before initial use and after each use, with clean hands, wash the Nasopure bottle and cap. Fill bottle with warm, soapy water; close cap and shake vigorously. Open cap and squeeze bottle to move soapy solution forcefully through the cap to better clean cap and empty bottle completely. Rinse thoroughly under free-flowing water. Allow bottle and cap to dry thoroughly on a clean paper towel.

While the Nasopure bottle and cap are dishwasher safe, using a disinfectant protocol is recommend for washing. Use a bottle brush to remove any residue while washing with warm soapy water, as well as rinsing the bottle and cap with isopropyl (70%) alcohol once a week is recommended. We recommends replacing bottle and cap every 3-6 months.


  • Add Nasopure salt packet to bottle (see Solution Guide) and fill bottle with purified, distilled, or previously boiled water that is cooled to room temperature (see Water Recommendations).
  • Twist cap onto bottle; close by pushing down on tip. Mix until salt dissolves.
  • Discard remaining solution after each use. Wash bottle and cap and dry thoroughly.


  • Boil: Use water that has been previously boiled for 1 minute and left to cool. At elevations above 6,500 feet, boil for 3 minutes, then cool.
  • Filter: Use a filter designed to remove some water-loving germs. The label may read “NSF 53” or “NSF 58”. Filter labels that read “absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller” are also effective.
  • Buy: Use water with a label specifying that it contains distilled or sterile water.

Always wash hands before using your Nasopure nasal wash system. Most people prefer washing while in the shower or standing over a sink.

  • Keep head straight and look forward. No need to bend neck.
  • Place bottle tip into one nostril and point tip toward back of throat, not the eyes. Do not point tip upward.
  • New Nasopure Level Lines ensure perfect positioning. Hold bottle so water line aligns with bottle Level Lines (see illustration below).







  • Seal nostril with bottle tip.
  • Block the back of the throat by holding your breath while gently squeezing the bottle.
  • Learning how to block your throat may take practice and will prevent the solution from reaching the mouth, resulting in a salty taste. If this occurs, it is not harmful.
  • Squeeze bottle gently, flushing solution along the nasal floor, making a u-turn at the back of your throat and exiting the opposite nostril. You may experience a mild burning sensation with the first use. This is normal, not harmful and will disappear with repeated use. If burning sensation does not go away, reduce salt and increase as tolerated.
  • Switch to other nostril and repeat.
  • Allow nose to drain naturally. Exhale through nose with mouth closed.
  • Typical use is 1/4 to 1/2 bottle in each nostril.
  • Blow nose gently. Do not block or pinch opposite nostril when washing or blowing.
  • To allow any trapped solution to drain, bend forward from the waist and gently rotate your head from side to side.
  • See helpful article and video demos throughout our website!


  • If there is congestion on one side, gently wash on the congested side only! Do not force – Use only a small amount of solution. Washing only on the congested side may be required for several days before swollen passages shrink, allowing solution to exit opposite nostril. Never force it! If you are completely congested (completely blocked on both sides) or you have an ear infection, consult your physician before using.


  • Once daily – daily cleaning and exposure to irritants.
  • Twice daily – mild to moderate congestion and symptoms.
  • Three to four times daily – moderate to severe congestion and symptoms.

Please consult your physician first when teaching a young child to wash. Always consult a physician before allowing a child to wash if the child is fully congested (blocked) on both sides; has blocked ears or an ear infection; has recurrent ear or sinus problems; is disabled; or has difficulty tolerating the wash. Please refer to our age specific instructions and helpful videos.

  • Use 1/2 packet of Nasopure salt in the 4 oz. bottle. Fill with purified, distilled or previously boiled water. Close cap and shake until salt dissolves.
  • Encourage child to hold bottle as directed, but don’t squeeze the bottle for your child. Allow the child to wash on their own, gently squeezing a small amount of solution (approx. 1 tsp.) into each nostril.
  • Encourage the child to blow gently.
  • Note: Allow your child to watch you first, while they play with the bottle, getting accustomed to the feel of the spray (see illustration below).







  • Never wash for a child or force a child to wash.
  • Encourage your child to wash by watching other Nasopurists!










Nasopure’s unique salt mix creates a buffered saline solution with a higher salt concentration that is effective in helping to thin mucus and decrease swelling of tissues, yet reduces or eliminates any burning sensation. In addition, buffering has been shown to augment the healing of raw, irritated tissue. Nasopure Buffered Salt ~ the magic is in the mix!


  • Never wash for anyone else.
  • Never force a child to wash or wash for a child!
  • Never microwave plastic bottles.
  • Always use sterilized, distilled or previously boiled water.
  • Never use hot water for washing.
  • Wash on congested side first and do not force.
  • Never block the opposite nostril to prevent solution from draining freely.
  • Never wash when you are completely congested or have an ear infection without first consulting your physician.


  • If ear popping occurs, blow more gently.
  • Do not use immediately before bed or activity, as water may drip from nose for several minutes after washing.
  • If burning or stinging occurs, reduce salt; increase as tolerated.
  • Each Nasopure bottle is intended for a single user. Do not share bottles.
  • Replace bottle every 3-6 months.
  • Nasopure bottle and cap are dishwasher safe.
  • Wash with Nasopure prior to using prescribed nasal sprays.
  • Consult a doctor if symptoms worsen or if you have a significant medical condition.
  • If Nasopure causes discomfort, discontinue use and contact BeWell Health or your medical professional.


  • Who can benefit from nasal washing?
    • Anyone who wishes to maintain a clean and healthy nose!
  • What are the benefits of washing with buffered saline solution?
    • Nasal congestion, sinus pressure, nasal dryness, post nasal drip, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and more!
    • Naturally promotes nasal and sinus drainage.
    • May reduce swelling of nasal membranes.
    • May remove infectious particles, allergens, and pollutants.
  • How often should I replace my bottle?
    • We recommend replacing your Nasopure bottle every 3-6 months.
  • Is there an expiration date?
    • We recommend discarding Nasopure buffered salt packets after 5 years. Saline solution (salt mix in water) should be discarded after each use.
  • When can my child start using Nasopure?
    • Nasopure is safe for ages 2 years and above. Always teach a child to wash their own nose; do not wash for a child. Please consult your physician first when teaching a young child to wash.
  • How much solution should be used for each washing?
    • Typical use is 1/4 – 1/2 bottle in each nostril – find what works for you in terms of comfort and effectiveness.
  • Is it harmful if some of the solution is swallowed?
    • Nasopure is not intended for ingestion, but is all natural and not harmful if swallowed.
  • Where can I educate myself more about nasal washing and Nasopure?
    • Please check out the other pages on our website for more articles, videos, and education!