The Nasopure team operates every day with the goal of equipping our customers with the knowledge to help themselves stay healthy.

Helping folks deal with the daily barrage of allergens, viruses, pollutants and rising medical costs keeps our team motivated. We are constantly looking for articles and news that support what we know is a simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, effective way to combat all these things – washing your nose! Sure, it sounds funny (and yes, maybe a little ‘icky’), but it works!

Dr. Hana often makes the point going back to her med school days when a mentor doctor and ENT surgeon told her that if people washed their noses every day, he would be performing less surgery. After decades practicing as a pediatrician, she had a first-row seat in seeing the struggles of patients and their parents in dealing with snotty and runny noses, coughs, wheezing, and consequently, ear problems, throat problems, chest problems and more. She took the advice of her mentor to heart.

‘First do no harm’ was not enough for Dr. Hana – she wanted to be proactive and get ahead of many of the problems that would follow her patients into adulthood often with bigger medical issues because they hadn’t been treated effectively in childhood. Ancient tradition coupled with modern technology to make it easier – create a daily habit and solve a host of problems – Nasopure Nasal Wash System was born.

Dr. Hana maintains a vital role as the chief educator here at Nasopure – keeping up on all the latest news and studies on nasal washing and nasal health. She is an important resource for our team and our customers. We hope you will always be able to come to us to gain a better understanding of nasal issues and the role nose washing can play in your overall health plan.