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Kids Can’t Hear, Check Their Nose

Kids Can’t Hear? Check Their Nose! Parents are often concerned about their children’s ability to hear well. This concern goes beyond the ‘selective hearing loss’ we all laugh about – those times when your child simply chooses to ignore you. True hearing loss in children is no laughing matter; the consequences can be long lasting [...]
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Irrigation, Not Operation

Irrigation, Not Operation, by Kelvin Walls, M.D. Good results with nasal irrigation are not limited to adults. Many children can benefit from nasal washing as well. Because of the limited treatment options to control nasal congestion, runny nose, and cough in children younger than twelve, washing becomes even more important in this age group. The [...]
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Freedom From Allergies

Freedom from Allergies, Naturally It is no surprise that with the assault of chemicals, fragrances, pollution, dust and pollen that our nostrils are under enormous stress. Allergic Rhinitis is the fifth most common chronic illness in the United States. Millions of people miss work or school each year, due to allergy symptoms. Most who purchase [...]
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Food Allergies And The Pediatric Airway

Understanding Food Allergies And The Pediatric Airway   an article from ...ask the ‘boogor doctor‘ Reproduced with permission of our trusted friend and colleague, Dr. Russell Faust, PhD, MD Below is the transcribed podcast of a wonderful ‘ask the boogor doctor’ ( interview with physician and food allergy expert, Dr. Janice Joneja. The interview discusses [...]
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Dr. Hana Says: Healthy Noses Support Healthy Kids

Dr. Hana Says: Healthy Noses Support Healthy Kids Pediatrician Develops Nasal Irrigation System With Children in Mind About Dr. Hana Solomon Hana R. Solomon, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Hana, is a pediatrician and serves as the president of BeWell Health, LLC. Dr. Hana is the author of “Clearing The Air, One Nose At A Time: Caring [...]
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Childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma   Dr. Hana's Nasopure was featured in the following Teva Asthma Management booklet by Stacey Kerr M.D. Crisp cool air and the smell of wood smoke take me back to my childhood, when summer was over and the thrill of Halloween was just around the corner. But while the lovely scents of fall [...]
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Can Nasal Washing help?

Can nasal washing help? I’ve been looking for new, natural ways to relive my asthma and allergy symptoms. The nose is the first major defense the human body has to protect us from our polluted world. Without this filtering mechanism, millions of impurities would be allowed to reach our fragile lung tissues, damaging the gas-exchanging [...]
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Your Baby’s Nose

Baby Nasal Cleaner – How to Clean a Newborn Baby or Infant Nose Teaching parents the importance of maintaining baby's clean nose has been a rewarding yet occasionally challenging task. Many gallons of air are passed through the nose every day and babies must breathe through their noses. They are 'obligate nose breathers'. Suckling on [...]
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Scared of Water?

I have often heard a mother say, "My child is terrified of water and you want me to put water up his nose?" First we must understand that survival is a basic instinct, so it is not just oppositional behavior that makes a child scream, flail and panic at the perception that he may become [...]
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Blowing The Nose

Let's All Sing: Blow, Blow, Blow Your Nose. Gently Now, Don't Scream Teaching your toddler or preschooler how to blow his nose may have developed into your greatest challenge as a parent thus far! Don't despair. Recent studies show that 98% of all high school students can successfully blow their own nose. But seriously, we [...]
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